SDC Town Hall Meeting

SDC is hosting a Town Hall Meeting for the entire community on Sunday, January 20th from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.

The new board of directors will be introduced at this meeting, and we will present the RoadMap for 2019 including the proposed schedule of events. After our presentation, we will open up the meeting for your questions and feedback.

We are also announcing our first fundraiser where we are asking you to donate items of value for a charity auction that we will be hosting after the town hall meeting. All proceeds from the auction will go toward funding the events and activities for 2019.

What we'd like to see are prime examples of your creative work. Things like a nice framed portrait of your game art, concept art for your game, or copies of your released video game (or soon-to-be released video game,) Steam keys for your game on Steam, branded swag (T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.) Things like that. If you can make them more unique and valuable by signing them, or making them limited (example: 10 printed T-Shirts with your game art, signed by the dev team, and only available for this auction,) that would be greatly appreciated. Consider checking out Cafe Press if you're thinking of limited-run swag items All donations should be provided to Rayna Jones any time from now until the town hall meeting. The deadline for accepting donations is at the meeting on January 20th, so don't delay.