Holiday Retro Game Jam!

As 2017 comes down to one roller coaster of an end, I think about what challenges 2017 has presented for us as both veteran & aspiring Game Developers.

One of those challenges: Limitations

Not just knowing those limits...discovering them, understanding them & still developing something awesome from it!

Some examples of such engines & tools that create limitations:

• Flash (uses ActionScript & Adobe Animate CC)

• Pico 8 ( (uses Lua)

• RPG Maker (

• Stencyl ( & more!

So, for this day, I want to see what you can create with those limits in place! We will share & showcase those creations, provide feedback at the end of the day & perhaps you will have a full-fledged game to share with the community & the world afterwards!

Legendary companies like Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Neo-Geo & more faced those exact struggles back in the day! And, unlike then, today we have the tools to create something simple, fun & retro!

The theme for this Game Jam: "An 8-Bit Holiday Getaway"

Are you ready to face your limits?

Game on, Sacramento.

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