Dungeons & Dragons Meetup

Fan of Dungeons & Dragons? So are we!

Square One Clubs is calling all fans of Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games for an introduction meeting and social. The purpose of this first meeting is to gather fans together for a meet and greet social, and to evaluate interest in forming a fan club with the possibility of an ongoing series of events including hosted games.

We will meet for about an hour to get to know each other and have an open forum discussion about the groups potential. After that, we'll be hosting a game using Savage Worlds with Square One Clubs CEO Nathan Allshouse, and select members of Square One Clubs. Everyone is welcome to stick around after the meeting and spectate. Our DM will be Rashamon (aka Donovan Vig.)

About our DM
Rashamon has been a DM off and mostly on for nearly 20 years.  While not nearly as good as some, he is definitely better than most.  He is a firm believer in the rule of fun, and has a confirmed PC kill count of 28.  He will be hosting this Savage Worlds game - IN LEVIATHAN'S SHADOW because sometimes game devs need to stop designing and just play the damn game.  He misses death saves, loves rolling handfuls of dice, and thinks the humble Otyugh is the most misunderstood monster in the book.
This campaign will be a Sci-Fantasy scenario in which a Galactic Federation Battleship crashes on a stereotypical backwater fantasy world...landing right on top of the climactic battle between the forces of Light and the followers of shadow.

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