Intro to C++ Game Development with Cocos2d-X

This is a two-hour introduction to C++ taught by working through a simple 2D game built on the Cocos2d-x framework. You will learn core C++ concepts and how to avoid common pitfalls while gaining experience with a game framework.

C++ is a powerful cross-platform language commonly used in game development. Cocos2d-x is a cross-platform game framework used to build various types 2D games. Existing knowledge of fundamental programming concepts such as working with functions, classes, and variables is needed. Experience specifically with C++ or strongly typed languages is not required.

Topics include:
- Adding and Manipulating Sprites
- Adding Audio
- Collision Detection
- Loading Tile Maps
- Stack vs Free Store/Heap
- Local Variables, Pointers, and References
- Avoiding Stackoverflows, Floating pointers, and Other Errors

About your Educator

Justin is a lead software engineer with 15+ years experience building web, desktop, and mobile applications under different technical stacks and languages. He works with teams to grow skills and organize projects.

He has been a member of The Sacramento Developers Collective for several years, volunteering and participating in game jams.


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