Build an RPG in Unity in 8 weeks (Week 4)

- Course Description -

Learning to Create an RPG game is an overwhelming task for anyone interested in developing,
this course aims to make that journey from opening up a new Unity Project to completing your first level much less daunting.

Most RPG games consist of familiar game mechanics such as Real Time Combat, Turn Based Combat, Stats or Stat Trees, Heavy use of Armor and Items, and Experience based Leveling.
Students will be taking a deeper dive into all these mechanics to see how they work as well as the work involved building them. 

We will be Jam Packing the fundamental architecture of a Core RPG game into an 8 week course , Join us to Level Up your Understanding

- What to Expect -

Introductory level Students should expect to obtain a beginners level of understanding of Game development with
C# Scripting / Unity Mechanics and graduate to an Intermediate level . During the Course over 8 weeks Students will create a basic RPG Game using course provided Prefabs and Animations, the first half of the course will act as a Primer to C# scripting, Game Design fundamentals, and Unity Overview while the latter half of the course will consist of further developing and utilize the skills learned in the first 4 weeks to bring the RPG Game to life.
Each Class will be held at Square One Clubs  and will consist of 2 hours of instruction with a brief 15 minute half time break. Attendees will be instructed using the free software platforms of Unity 2017(Game Engine) and Monodevelop(Scripting Environment/Compiler) .
Students may bring their own PC or an onsite PC can be provided if requested.

- Course Outline -

Week 4

-Course Review
-Prototyping Healing & Combat Companions
-Back to the Drawing Board(the GDD)
-First Level Flow and Storyline
-Overview of Using Particles , Trail Renderers, and Materials
-Overview of Prefabs, Projectiles, and Animations
-Moving in our World and Jumping
-Creating a Small Village
-NPC’s First words
-RPG Dialogue , Conceptualizing Quests, and Key Items

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