Let’s make a Game Asset! Pop up event!

Join me for an in depth look at Blender!
 In this workshop, our instructor will walk attendees through the steps of making a 3D Video Game Asset. From idea to completion (for use in any 3D Game engine.) We will be covering:

Blender 3D Interface Intro
Blocking out (Topology)
Refining (Re-Topology)
UV Unwrapping!
Texture painting!


About the Instructor


About Our Blender 3D Instructors:

About Our Blender 3D Instructors:

Nickolas Balliet has been 3D Modeling for over 10 years. For the last 4 years, “Nick” has been working in Digital Art and Asset Creation for indie game developers in the greater Sacramento area, as well as Illustrating for business in the Central Valley and the East Bay.He specializes in 3D Asset Development (primarily Level Design and Character Creation) For Games, Animations, Advertising, as well as Custom 3D Business Graphics.

Nick earned his Degree from the well known San Francisco Academy of Art University School of Animation and Visual Effects.

He is currently working in the Sacramento area with a team of indie game developers (Out of Line Games) independent development companies (Castle Quest; EDG, LLC) as well as indie development think tanks (The Sacramento Blender 3D Users Group) to bring professional quality visual assets to their projects, whatever they may be.


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