Progressive Game Jam

The Progressive Game Jam is co-sponsored by the Sacramento Developer Collective and Square One Clubs. It is an extended version of a game jam running ten months, with regular monthly meetups. In a progressive game jam, participants are organized into teams built around game concepts that are pitched at the first meetup of the season. The teams, once formed, work together on the same game throughout the duration of the game jam. Participants are strongly encouraged to continue with their participation each month. If you missed the first meetup, or are just now hearing about this...No problem! you can join at any time. We will introduce you and help you find a team to work with.

The purpose of this game jam is to give people a real chance to make a video game, not just the quick, challenging to make, half-built games that usually come out of a normal game jam. There are no themes, challenges, or diversifiers in a Progressive Game Jam. Each team is encouraged to conceptualize, design, and build any game they wish.

The benefit of completing a Progressive Game Jam is that teams that make it to the finish will be offered a spot at the next Sac Indie Arcade, get to show off their game to the public, and celebrate with the rest of the graduating class.

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