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    We are a software and game developer business accelerator. We are made up of game developers and organizers wishing to give back to the emerging game developer community in Sacramento.

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What is Square One?

Square One is a software and game developer business accelerator. We are made up of game developers and organizers from Sacramento wishing to give back to the emerging game developer community in Sacramento.

Square One Clubs is part of a several year long effort to build independent startup game companies in the Sacramento area. We are a product of IGDA Sacramento’s efforts to invigorate our community by organizing and hosting events, (such as game jams, training and education classes, and the Sacramento Indie Arcade event,) and by bringing us all together. While IGDA Sacramento is focused on fostering and developing the game development community, Square One will focus on the real world need of new startup companies to develop their business.

What we plan to do is offer office or club space with the basic necessities a small startup company will need to grow, (e.g., street address, phone, network, storage space, web site hosting, mentoring etc.) Our lowest tier offers will be very reasonably priced, as most startup game development companies have development costs with little or no revenues, sometimes for the first several years of their company’s life. We understand the unique challenges to startup game development companies, because we come from that community and have been through that ourselves.

Square One will offer two main membership areas. The Club Area will be an open environment where members can come to work, meet others, hold meetings, and share ideas. You will have access to all of our shared amenities, such as printers, secure file storage space, Internet, remote access, and much more. The Office Space will be private, secured offices varying in size where you or your business can work together in a private environment, as well as make use of all the shared amenities on the property including conference rooms, training room and event space, office phones, and much more.

Square One does not yet have an opening date, but we are tentatively planning to open this Summer. If you are interested in becoming a member, please register for our wait list and we will contact you as soon as we start taking reservations.

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The Team

Nathan Allshouse

Nathan Allshouse

President & CEO

Born and raised in California, and resident of the Greater Sacramento area for most of his years since 1983. Nathan has had a long-standing career of 27 years as a professional in Information Technology Management. A life long gamer, programmer, and tinkerer, Nathan has also been professionally developing video games for the past several years. Nathan co-founded Chicken ’N Bits with his IGDA game jame team, and is the lead programmer for their first title, Project Settlement. He has been a full member of IGDA and actively involved in the local Sacramento IGDA chapter since January, 2014.

John Costan

John Costan

Chief Financial Officer

John was born and raised in Sacramento and has been a resident for over 57 years. He is a graduate of Sacramento State with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1980, He worked at Digital Equipment Corp for 16 years as a Computer Systems Engineer V, and is currently working for the California State Legislative as an Information Technology Engineer, with over 22 years of tenure. He created two startup companies in the Sacramento area; Riverbank Watersports, Inc in 1994, and API Global Transportation, Inc in 2005.
He directed Riverbank Watersports for over two years while employing 15 employees renting jet skis at the Sacramento River and at Folsom Lake. Riverbank Watersports was awarded the exclusive contract by Sacramento County Parks and Recreation.
He was President and CEO of API Global Transportation for over 8 years which employed over 50 employees during his tenure. John started with a single stretched limousine and grew the company to over 50 luxury transportation vehicles. He has since sold this company to an existing partner and the company continues in the Sacramento area today.

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Location & Hours

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 10pm
9432 Tech Center Dr.
Sacramento CA, 95826
Suite #600